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Gateway Business Brokers, LLC assists foreign national clients in finding a business that meets the criteria for everything from E-2 Investor Visas, L1 Intra-Company Transfer, to EB-5’s. Although we do not guarantee that your application will be approved, we will work closely with your immigration attorney and other professionals to ensure that your application is complete and your desired business qualifies accordingly.

Business Visa Descriptions:

    E1 / E2 Treaty Investor

    Individuals who wish to invest in the United State may be able to obtain an E-2 Treaty Investor Visa. The applicant must be a national of a country with which the United States maintains a treaty of commerce. The Purpose of the individual’s entry must be to carry out a substantial trade, including trade in services or technology, principally between the United States and the treaty country (E1); or, to develop or direct the operations of an enterprise in which the individual has invested; or is in the process of investing a substantial amount of capital (E2). The size of the investment will correlate to the nature and the type of business. Other requirements may apply and it is recommended that applicants seek competent professional or legal counsel.

    L-1 Intercompany Transferee

    Individuals who are employed outside the United States as executive, manager, or in a position which requires specialized knowledge may qualify for an L-1 intercompany work visa. If the applicant is already in the United States, a change of status might be possible. A change of status enables the individual to obtain L-1 status without leaving the country and having to apply for the L-1 visa at a US Embassy or Consulate abroad. The main requirement is that the applicant must be employed outside of the United States and is being transferred to the United States branch, affiliate, subsidiary, affiliate , or joint venture partner of the non – US Company. Other requirements may apply and it is recommended that applicants seek competent professional or legal counsel.

    EB-5 Visa

    The EB-5 visa for Immigrant Investors provides a direct path to a green card or Permanent Residency for foreign nationals who invest money in the United States. To obtain the visa, individuals must invest $1,000,000 (or at least $500,000 in a “Targeted Employment Area” – high unemployment or rural area), creating or preserving at least 10 jobs for U.S. workers excluding the investor and their immediate family. Initially, under the first EB-5 program, the foreign investor was required to create an entirely new commercial enterprise; however, under the Pilot Program investments can be made directly in a job-generating commercial enterprise (new, or existing – “Troubled Business”), or into a “Regional Center” – a 3rd party-managed investment vehicle (private or public), which assumes the responsibility of creating the requisite jobs. Regional Centers may charge an administration fee for managing the investor’s investment. Whether using a regional center or making your own investment, it must be recognized that like any investment, that the funds are at risk and so it is up to the investor to conduct his due diligence as to the viability of the project and investment.

NOTE: If you are not currently working with an immigration attorney Gateway Business Brokers, LLC will recommend experienced immigration professionals in Northeast Florida with a proven record of success.

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