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Buying or selling a franchise is not an overnight affair. The transaction can take months with tons of research as well as performing the due diligence needed to identify the right investment for a buyer or right buyer for a seller. Plus, most franchises are not an inexpensive investment and buying the wrong franchise can be as costly as selling a franchise for below market price. Generally speaking, there is no definitive source that says this fast-food restaurant is worth this much compared to a cleaning business which is worth that much. Even within the same industry, valuations and market potential can vary greatly. As a result, having the right analysis, research, experience, and projections can be the difference between success and failure.

Analyzing Ownership of a Franchise

At Gateway Business Brokers, our franchise consultants can help both buyers and sellers with performing their due diligence*. As a buyer or seller, you will need to know how profit is going to be made (at least in theory) before actually considering a price tag for a business venture.

  • Benefits for Sellers - Our business consultants can provide sellers with critical advice and consulting expertise for successfully closing a franchise deal. Instead of spending thousands of hard earned dollars on an accountant, lawyer, research analyst, title search, tax analyst and more, Gateway Business Brokers can pull together an entire consulting team for handling a franchise transfer.

  • Benefits for Buyers - The buyer's initial step begins with the formulation of a concrete business plan before even considering whether a particular franchise is available. Since most franchise owners (franchisees) are required to follow the franchisor's way of doing business, it’s important to understand how well the opportunity matches the buyer's goals.

*NOTE: Due diligence must include a thorough review of the Franchisor's requirements for ownership as well as their Uniform Franchise Offering Circular (UFOC) which is a document that contains information franchisors must provide to franchisees by law. Its contents are strictly regulated by the Federal Trade Commission.

Helping People Meet for Profitable Opportunities

Gateway Business Brokers are located in Jacksonville, FL. Our franchise consulting team has a deep history across multiple industries to provide an "advantage of depth" for those selling or buying a franchise. So if a franchise is "in the winds" for your business future or your company is ready to sell, contact Gateway Business Brokers. A good franchise consulting firm connects the right franchise buyer with the right franchise opportunity to keep the franchise location successful and viable. Not doing so, can contribute to what ultimately ends up being an investment mistake.

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