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Business Evaluation Jacksonville

Before you sell your business, it is critical to determine its’ value, what we call MPSP, Most Probable Sale Price. Depending upon the size of the company, the complexity of the industry and the overall economic climate, an in-depth evaluation can be a major undertaking. As experienced business brokers, we regularly work with sellers to conduct confidential valuations on their business. All we need to get started are prior year tax returns, company financial statements, current balance sheet and an up to date list of assets.

How much is my Business Worth?

The short answer is that your business is worth what someone else will pay to own it. However, to give potential buyers an idea of what they should be paying, we’ll conduct a valuation on your business and give you a broker opinion of value.

To start, we need some basic financial information;

  • 3 Years of Company Income Statements
  • 3 Years of Tax Returns
  • Most Recent Balance Sheet
  • Equipment List
  • Copy of Lease

With this information our business brokers will recast the financials and utilize a multiple of valuation methods to produce your report. We respect the confidential nature of such an engagement and welcome a meeting or phone call to get to know each of our clients.

Increase Value Prior to a Sale

You may be surprised to learn the value of your business is lower than what you expected. The good news is that you can take steps now to either increase the value of your business prior to listing it for sale, or to increase the desirability of your business today. If you’re looking to increase the value or sellability of your business, check out the free assessment tab on this page and take the Sellability Score. It’s free, it’s informative and it provides a quick set of actionable steps you can take now to increase the value of your business.

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