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Restaurants & Bars For Sale in Jacksonville

Whether representing a local, regional or national chain, a good restaurant & bar business broker needs to specialize in the sale of food and beverage businesses as well as having expertise in site selection and real estate evaluation. At Gateway, our Jacksonville business brokers can handle the valuation of restaurant and bar inventory, determine the value of vendor contracts, perform lease negotiations, and offer a host of other business consulting services. So, whether you are buying or selling, our brokers have the ability to provide one-stop services for all of your business needs.

Identifying Opportunities for a Food & Beverage Business

Any established restaurant & bar owner should have a profitable business with a viable network of direct business contacts and industry referrals. Our brokers have the ability to evaluate the structure of any food & beverage business for a seller or buyer including:

  • Benefits for Sellers - Success for the seller is all about determining the the best ways to improve the current saleability of their restaurant and bar as well as identifying a qualified buyer to purchase the business. At Gateway Business Brokers, our professionals have the experience, depth, and knowledge to eliminate guesses about value and quickly determine a fair market price.

  • Benefits for Buyers - Utilizing our easy-to-follow “7-Step Process,” we help prospective buyers maximize their investments by making fully-informed business decisions. After all, brokerage is all about matching a motivated seller and qualified buyer so that both walk away from the transaction with the best deal possible.

Because Gateway is so diversified, our brokers are able to provide clients buying and selling services as well as other related support in terms of growing and expanding any food and beverage business to include restaurants, bars, franchises, catering services and more.

Regional Experience with Food & Bar Knowledge

Gateway’s experience in producing quality valuations of businesses for sale ensures that your restaurant and bar are represented in the most positive light to a fully qualified buyer. This speeds up the marketing process to allow the sales transaction to progress more smoothly. Our approach provides buyers and sellers with the best business solutions for the transfer of ownership. Further, Gateway's support doesn’t stop when the sale is over. We can also provide consulting to help the new business owner make the most of their restaurant or bar purchase.

So if you’re thinking about selling or buying a restaurant or bar in the Jacksonville area, talk with Gateway first. You will be impressed by their commitment to providing quality customer service as well as the best possible outcomes for your investment.

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