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Buy or Sell Manufacturing Business

Whether you are buying or selling a manufacturing business there is considerable due diligence to be performed. Our brokers can help the buyer and seller review the accounts (payable and receivable), tour the plant, inventory equipment and product, examine the company's portfolio of orders, and reconcile the manufacturer's supply of raw materials. All of that information and more will then be used to compare the business opportunity to the industry in general. This can be useful in establishing a rough value for any manufacturing company locally, regionally or nationally.

Valuation of Today's Manufacturing Opportunities

At Gateway Business Advisors, we understand the nature of today's modern manufacturing business or assembly plant; and our brokers know how the many industry changes have redefined the rules for evaluating a manufacturing business including:

  • Benefits for Sellers - The entrepreneurial side of manufacturing has spawned thousands of variations. Computers and robotics have made it possible for new production techniques to be housed in non-traditional facilities. Our business brokers can accurately account for all added values such as installing the latest technology or converting a traditional assembly line to an outsourced approach.

  • Benefits for Buyers - Since older approaches to manufacturing business analysis may not apply to a current-day purchase, you need a broker who can customize their evaluation techniques to provide a thorough financial review. At Gateway Business Advisors, we focus on matching each seller's business opportunity to your unique investment goals.

You should never pursue a transaction without a licensed broker by your side. Knowledge and experience can be critical in identifying and closing a lucrative deal or completely missing out on an excellent manufacturing business opportunity.

Matching Qualified Buyers and Motivated Sellers

With a thorough understanding of what modern businesses need for valuation and selection as good investments, Gateway's brokers will ensure that both sellers and buyers receive the best representation for any deal. So whether your firm is considering selling an existing manufacturing asset or looking to obtain one, working with Gateway Business Advisors is the advantage to have in Northeast Florida.

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