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Online & eCommerce Business Brokers Jacksonville

Internet and eCommerce businesses for sale represent some of the hottest opportunities in today's market. With more companies seeking to place their networking operations and storefronts online, the Internet creates a broad range of opportunities for entrepreneurs to buy and sell "eCom" businesses. Some of the main issues which prevent many eager investors from purchasing an Internet or online business include: how to buy the business, what value to place on such a business, and where to look to find a business that fits with their ownership goals.

Don't Guess at What an e-Business is Worth

Instead of guessing at how much an eCommerce or Internet business is worth, Gateway Business Brokers helps sellers and buyers determine the value of every aspect of an online business with services that include:

  • Benefits for Sellers - Our business brokers provide a thorough evaluation of supplier contracts, on-site ad revenues, product inventories, intellectual property, multi-level marketing plans, B2B contracts, proprietary software, lead generation software, network marketing affiliations, drop ship suppliers, online publications, EBay power seller stores, directories, and other important assets to determine the best ways to improve the overall saleability of any Internet business.

  • Benefits for Buyers - Even though they know nothing about the buying process or are afraid to purchase a business that depends on an online return on investment, we help buyers identify a sound investment in an Internet business or eCommerce opportunity with same expertise of evaluating a traditional business. Our brokers can outline the business operations and document the working capital needed for you to invest in any online business.

Internet business buyers can also use our website's latest search services to ensure they find the online store or eCommerce business that best fits their financial requirements, business knowledge and skill sets.

Helping Buyers and Sellers Meet Their Goals

Gateway Business Brokers helps buyers and sellers with Internet business ownership transactions. We offer a full range of products and services so you can make the most well-informed business decision and reach your financial goals. By having a no-obligation business evaluation, you will know if it is the right time to sell or buy any online business; how to make the business opportunity more attractive to buyers; whether you are asking or paying the right price for an online business based on its valuation; and how much liquid capital you will need to make any Internet investment successful.

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