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Financial Business Brokers Jacksonville

Buying and selling a financial business in Northeast Florida requires more than estimating the market value of the physical assets of the property and leasehold. You must accurately assess the values of the financial portfolio, market shares, marketing systems, and existing client base as well as the business's competitiveness in the industry. If sellers place too high of a value on their financial business, buyers won't believe they can make a good return on the investment. If buyers place too low of a value on the business, sellers won't be able to pay off their debts and make a modest profit.

We Simplify the Buying and Selling Process

Gateway Business Brokers help business owners and potential investors make the best decisions for brokerage of a financial business by helping them identify ways to improve the saleability and profitability of the business. The advantages for both parties include:

  • Benefits for Sellers - Our brokers help sellers determine the optimal price for their financial business for sale. In fact, by using our valuation of contracts, market share, client base and portfolio, it’s easy to determine a competitive price for any financial business. Plus we are there to help with any brokerage issues that arise during the transfer of ownership.

  • Benefits for Buyers - We help buyers through the entire business transaction by offering a large range of products and services. Buyers can use the information we provide to find the Jacksonville financial business that best fits their ownership goals and determine the amount of liquid capital they need to buy the business or to become part of a franchise opportunity.

With our no-obligation consultation, we can conduct a business valuation to help determine the overall value of a seller's business from the physical assets to forecasts for future income. We also help buyers determine an accurate amount of liquid capital required for a successful transfer of ownership.

Husband & Wife Business Brokerage Team

Gateway Business Brokers brings together buyers and sellers for successful financial business ownership opportunities. As a husband and wife brokerage and consulting team, we guide people through the entire buying and selling process with our "7-Step Process" and online search services. Buyers will find the perfect financial business to make profits as they grow the operation. Sellers looking to retire or change industries will be able to offer their financial business at the best price ensuring a modest profit. To get a head start, contact us today.

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