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Are you running a valuable business?

1.       How valuable is your business? 2.      Are you maximizing your business investment opportunity ? 3.      Will you get enough when it’s time to sell? These are some of the questions business owners think about but seldom have time to investigate.  Demands from business, personal and the…

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Video: Sellability Score

Watch the video below to learn about the Sellabilty Score and then find out your Sellability Score by clicking here. Gateway Business Advisors: Sellability Score from Siskey Productions on Vimeo. Find out what your business is worth:

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Five Tips for Choosing and Buying an Existing Restaurant

For many, it's the true American dream - ditching the 9-to-5 cubicle life to run a popular restaurant. No more pushing paper and crunching numbers. It's much more fun to push the newest, hottest cheese burger creation in town, right? Well, yes. Running a restaurant clearly offers room for the…

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Four Reasons Buying an Existing Business Beats Starting from Scratch

Owning a successful business is a top goal for millions of enterprising Americans. So what’s the best way to make that goal happen? For many, starting a new business comes to mind first. But startups can be extremely difficult and expensive, and there’s no guarantee that your business concept will…

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Welcome to the Gateway Business Brokers Blog

It’s always been the great American dream – to own a profitable business and, ultimately, to sell one and retire comfortably. Of course, neither of those goals is an easy one. The potential twists and turns and legal obstacles are many. That’s where Gateway Business Brokers comes in. If you’re…

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