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Success Stories

Success is defined differently for everyone. At the beginning of our relationship with you, we try to define what success means for you. Below are a few stories that we would like to share. Each story is unique as is their definition of success.

  • In 2013, an owner came to us in need of assistance. His relatively new business had been doing well for the past couple of months, but personal business had taken the owner away from the day to day operations. He tasked us with finding a buyer in 7 days. We immediately contacted buyers we’d been working with to inform them of the situation and were able to deliver a purchase offer agreement to the seller in 25 hours! Due to the speed required for closing this deal, we enlisted the help of both the buyer and seller to expedite the closing process. Although we did not meet the 30 day window originally set to close, we were able to finalize the transaction in just under 6 weeks from the date we first met.

  • When the owner of a manufacturing business inquired about selling his business, we met, shared information and listed the business for sale that same afternoon. In our contact list, we knew a buyer looking to purchase a manufacturing business with 10+ years in the market. This 20-year old business was the perfect fit and after just 6 months from the listing date, we were able to close this 8 figure transaction at the listed price.

  • A local businessman being transferred out of the area in four months, needed to sell a successful quick-serve restaurant. We listed the business and found a buyer within a few weeks, closing the deal in 3 months.

  • We listed a service business for sale after the principal owner passed away, sudden and tragic. A couple of months after accepting the listing, we were notified by the surviving spouse that she was contemplating a merger with a trusted competitor. We discussed the merger details, offered some advice on the terms and, knowing this was the best deal for her and her family, we released her completely from the listing contract. In our opinion, this was the most successful outcome in this situation.

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